Ignorance Is Bliss II – Hamburger Pie

(For another recipe of insanely tasty nutritional innocence, click here.) 

The taste of this won my heart the first time I tried it. Without a doubt it is very satisfying, with all that fat – the hamburgers, the bacon fat, the American cheese, and the batch of biscuits – and it is meant to serve only four people!

First, it wins your heart, and then it clogs your arteries, which is kind of ironic, if you think about it.

This is an old-fashioned recipe that comes from a blessed time when people were confident that the only harm would come from food would be not having enough of it, and its only curative effect was upon hunger. And like living the unexamined life, this kind of confidence is nice work if you can get it.

You’ll notice that I preserved the crossed-out instructions from the recipe-box original. These things happen because life is a work-in-progress. God bless the author (my spouse’s mom) and God bless America while we’re at it.

Hamburger Pie
(for 4 people)

6 large hamburger patties (defrosted)
1 tablespoon bacon fat
2 small onions or equiv. – chopped
1 cup hot water with beef bouillon cube added
5 slices American cheese – chopped 1
1 small (6 oz.) can tomato paste plus 1/3 can of water

(prepare) a single batch of Baking Powder Bisquits for top and bottom (½ for each)

 bake at 350°F about 1 hour
            375           40 minutes

Brown onions and bacon fat in iron frying pan. Add meat and a little salt and pepper and celery salt, if desired, and brown.
    Add chopped American cheese. Add tomato paste and water.
        Mix and set aside.
    Grease a large baking dish with margarine.or Crisco

Mix a batch of baking powder bisquits and roll out ½ of it for the bottom of the baking dish. Add the meat mixture and roll out the other half of the dough to cover the top of the meat.

Poke three or four little holes in the top with your little finger
and pour the bouillon-cube water over the top. Bake 1 hour at 350
                                                                  Bake 40 min. at 375°


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