Wayfarers’ Bread (Helen Nearing)

These nice little breads are wonderfully sweet. The only difficult part would be to grind the sprouted berries. Sprouted wheat berries are heavy and quite sticky when ground. A high-powered electric blender such as a Vita-mix or a hand-cranked countertop grinder (pictured here) will work best. 

1 cup wheat berries
sesame seed or sunflower seed

Soak the wheat berries overnight and plenty of water. In the morning, pour out the water and berries in a covered bowl without any water. Let stand, and rinsed with water twice a day. In two days, grind the sprouted berries in a coarse grinder (being sure to wash the grinder immediately after grinding!).

Preheat oven to 400°. With wet hands, shape the wheat to into small flat loaves about an inch thick. Scatter some sesame seeds on the baking sheet of the bread doesn’t stick. Bake until brown.


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