Brazilian Evening (Diet for a Small Planet)

I have a lot of recipes that come from various books. I don’t think we have ever made every recipe in a cookbook, I figure, like other people, we see a couple of them that catch our eye and we make them. But before we can go back to the same recipe book for more, there is a new one, and the old one hangs around, an honored guest on the bookshelf.

One of our perennial bookshelf guests is a paperback that goes back to 1975 – the then new edition of Diet for a Small Planet. It’s the first book I read that points out how so much more drinkable water and food (that people could themselves eat) goes to produce meat meals than vegetarian meals, that vegetarian eating is an ethical choice benefiting not only the animals you did not eat, but possibly also benefiting Earth and the human race.

This set of recipes was put together as a complete meal, and the Brazilian Evening consists of 3 dishes:

Feijoada (Tangy Black Beans)

Rice with Green Chili Sauce

Steamed Greens with Sesame Topping and Orange Slices

“Serve the rice with sauce along with the beans and greens for a splendid three-course Brazilian dinner.”


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